mick paxton architects ltd

I want your architectural experience to be exciting and productive. By working together we will design the ideal scheme to exceed your expectations. I will guide you through the process and explore  the possibility of incorporating sustainability into the design in order to maximise energy efficiencies.





 I have extensive experience of working in the public and private sectors having been employed as a senior architect in a local authority, working in private practice and running my own practice.  During this time I have worked on many successful projects including:  spa complexes, sports centres, pubs and restaurants, factories, Sure Start centre, churches and schools.

Innovative housing designs to enhance lifestyles from 200 m sq new dwellings to the very small at only 3 m wide. I have also converted offices, hotels and dwellings into a variety of apartments for families, single people, and the over 55s.  I have worked with housing associations and charities to develop brownfield and derelict sites to provide accommodation for various clients.


exhibition at woodend creative centre gallery

As a practising architect Mick's work is inspired by and  based on an interpretation of the layers of  landscape, transport networks and natural features and how architectural interventions improve and respond to this context. The relationships  of these features is then translated into 3D collages and paintings using patterns, layers with striking colours and materials to challenge the viewer's perception of the world around us